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Equine Worming Campaign

//Equine Worming Campaign

Equine Worming Campaign

Equine Worming Campaign.

Special Offers throughout February 2020.


There is a lot of advice going around for equine worming.  What you should be worming your equine with! What worming programme you should be using! Only worm if your egg count says so! All of which can become a bit of a mind field when you are told so many different things. Even more surprising is the number of equine owners who are worming incorrectly through poor advice.


As Vet Surgeons it is our duty to provide you with the best possible advice and a worming programme tailored and suited to your horse.


Our personalised programmes avoid worming with products that will not work, avoid a build up of resistance to products that should be used at certain times of the year for affective results and will advise you of products that your equine may require that others may not.


It is all about what the horse needs. We will provide you with facts and not assumptions.


We recommend worm egg counts for all horses periodically, however these egg counts do not detect the following worms:


  • Ecysted Redworm (burrowed in the gut wall)
  • Tapeworm
  • Pin worm
  • Bots

Treatment for encysted redworm and tapeworm is recommended at least once a year if you do not test for it, – usually treatment is given after frosty weather and before temperatures start to rise for the spring.

Treatment for redworm is “Equest” or “5 day Panacur”. It is important not to use the Equest Pramox as redworm treatment if you have already treated for tapeworm, in this case, use the basic “Equest”.

There is a blood test available to detect all stages of redworm.

Redworm is eaten by horses, ponies, donkeys during grazing. The larvae will burrow into the gut wall. Redworm larvae will stay in the gut wall during the winter and start to emerge from the gut wall as the temperature warms up for spring. Not treating equines for redworm during their hibernation stage can result in Cyathostominosis. Cyathostiminisis presents as colitis – diarrhoea and colic.


Regardless of periodic worm egg counts, blood sampling and whether or not you “poo pick” your field or paddock. We advise all horses are wormed at least once a year for the above.


When worming it is important that you worm according to the horses weight, do not guess. This will avoid under dosing which is a waste of your money and will cause a build up of resistance,



As part of this campaign we have a supply of weight tapes free of charge with every wormer sold.


To promote this bespoke service the personalised worming plan amongst other routine equine care such as vaccinations, dentals, medication checks, are available at Arberth Vet Centre for just

£20 per month offering huge savings.





Please contact the reception team for more information or to sign up and start saving. 01834860378.





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