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We provide all routine equine services including:

  • Vaccinations
  • Dentals
  • Health check ups
  • Repeat prescription checks

Equine Services

Our equine clinic allows us to perform various surgical procedures under controlled conditions, in a clean environment.
We have been seeing fantastic results from our surgical technique to remove sarcoids, even from delicate areas such as the eye.

  • Routine dentals available. We also have the equipment for more advance dental cases.

For a thorough Lameness investigation, we require your horse to spend the day with us at our equine clinic where we have a lunging area, and ménage, which allows for a good assessment of your horses movement.

We have experience in diagnostic local anaesthesia, allowing us to localise the painful region.
Another advantage of having your horse in our clinic is it allows for a clean environment, making it safer to inject into joints, where sterility is essential.

We have the equipment to image the relevant area and come to a diagnosis of your horse’s problem, using x-ray or ultrasound allowing us to determine the best course of treatment.

We then have several exciting treatment options available including the use of:

  • PRP
  • Stem Cell Therapy

What is this?
This is a technique that involves taking a blood sample from your horse and processing it through a filter to allow us to use the party of the blood called platelets. Platelets release “growth factors” which then stimulates healing.

When could this be used?
This technique can be very useful in the treatment of soft tissue injuries (I.e tendon, ligament), and also joint problems (e.g osteoarthritis).
We have also been applying the technique to wounds, and new uses are constantly being found.

How is this used?
The PRP is injected to the affected area. For example injected directly into an arthritic joint.
To discuss this further please call one of the veterinary team on 01834 860378

Two of our vets are certified to carry out a procedure which involves the use of stem cells found in adipose tissue (fat).

What is this?
A small sample of fat is taken using a vacuum syringe (the horse will not feel this as local anaesthetic is used in the area). This sample is then processed and the end product is injected to the affected area.

When could this be used?
There are scenarios that this technique could be suitable, including tendon and ligament injuries and osteoarthritis.

How is this used?
The stem cells are injected directly into the affected area.

To discuss this further call one of the veterinary team on 01834 860378

Planning to breed from your mare? Our equine clinic provides a safe environment to examine your mare. We are also able to perform artificial insemination.

When to breed?
This can vary depending on the intended use of your foal. For many disciplines, it is desirable to foal in April which would mean you would be hoping to cover the mare in May. (Horses have a gestation of 11 months- on average, many mares will foal earlier or later than this)

How do I time breading?
The best time for your mare to be covered is 24-48 hours after she ovulates. Her cycle can be monitored by ultrasound scan, looking for the development of follicles in her ovaries, and assessing the conformation of her uterus.

Is my mare suitable to breed from?
There are many factors to be considered here, and pre breeding check would be highly recommended. This would allow evaluation of your mare’s overall health and conformation, as well as assessment of her reproductive tract.

If you would like to speak to one of our vets about breeding from your mare please phone us on 01834 860378

Gastric Ulcers are a common problem in horses, and are often misdiagnosed. Symptoms of gastric ulcers vary and may include some of the following:

  • Girthing problems
  • Behavioural change- irritability, aggression
  • Poor performance
  • Weight loss

We now offer gastroscopy- Which enables us to to use a very long camera to visualise the inside of the horse’s stomach allowing us to see any ulcers. We can then commence the treatment, and have your horse back on track!

“Huge thanks to Phil and his team for the care given to my girl,
she’s back on track and feeling well 😊thank you all!”

Use of fibro-optic cameras inside horse’s airways are useful in the diagnosis of many conditions. Whether it is investigating a long standing cough, or investigating poor performance or respiratory noise. In some cases, this kit can be taken to your yard.

Equine Discount Scheme – £20 per month to include: 

Annual Vaccination, Health Check, Visit and Mileage

Six Monthly Health Check and Dental Check, Visit and Mileage.

Quarterly Worm Egg Counts

Two Worm Controls if required.

Saving up to £83.39.

For the equine discount scheme there is more on offer. – We offer complimentary microchipping if required, 10% off all of the Arberth Vet Centre equine supplements and complimentary sedation for dentals if required.

Emergency Contact

Please be aware that out of hours visits and consults have a surcharge. Please do not call a vet for routine matters. Thank you for your understanding.

T: 01834 860378

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Repeat Prescriptions

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Medication Required

We will contact you when you medication is ready.
Prescription orders only accepted for registered clients.

For long term medications each animal must be up to date with health checks as advised the royal Veterinary college. If this is due we will contact you to make an appointment before dispencing further medicines.

COVID – 19 UPDATE: 26.03.2020

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and following all advice sent to us from the RCVS and Government, we ask that all clients follow the social distancing protocols we have in place to minimise the risk of the virus spreading.

These strict rules are very alien to us and it goes against our customer care, however these are put in place to protect you, the team and the business. We will continue to provide care for all companion and equine registered clients as we are able.

Thank you for your understanding.