To all owners please be aware that any horse on phenylbutazone (Bute) require part 3 of section 1X to be endorsed (Not intended for human consumption) and the passport will have to be shown to us before drugs can be prescribed.

An outbreak of neurological Equine Herpes has occured in the Southwest.This has resulted in several horses being Euthanased. We are therefore recommending that anyone competing in this area has their horse vaccinated for EHV-1.

We offer the folowing services:

We are JMB approved measurers and we can and will work with your farrier to ensure hoof health including sedation prior to their visit.

We also have a full lab service available along with stabling and operating facilities.

We offer many equine services, if you require a service that isnt listed then please give the surgery a ring.

So you want to buy a horse or pony!

Owning a horse or pony is a big responsibility that requires great commitment, time and money. Before buying a horse or pony you need to make sure you can provide everything your horse needs.

Buying a horse is a time-consuming and lengthy process. You will need to do some research and visit different horses before you make your final decision.

Please find below some useful information.

Buying a Horse: To download this document click here.
                           To read this online click here.

If you call a vet out of hours, please bear in mind that they may have just worked a full day shift AND will probably be doing another full shift the following day.

Please be aware that out of hours visits and consultations have a surcharge.

Please dont call a vet out for routine or minor matters.

Appointment Times
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