There are various approaches to feeding dogs. Dogs are, like us, omnivorous and can utilise both meat and vegetable food sources. You can feed home produced diets but it should be remembered that many dogs do not cope well will a constantly changing diet, so you need to stick to a core diet. With home produced food you may need to supplement vitamins and minerals.

Commercial diets are more convenient and should supply everything that a dog requires. However some brands may contain excessive amounts of fat and sugars to increase palatability.

Raw feeding is becoming popular at the moment. This gives more roughage and fibre then commercial feeding but does require 'whole carcase' feeding, not just muscles. Parasites and bacterial infections are unfortunately a greater risk with this type of feeding.

How much to feed. Young pups need to be fed little and often. We would suggest four meals a day to begin with. As they get older, and tummies get larger, the amount fed per meal can be increased and the frequency dropped.

The amount fed will vary from dog to dog. If they are walking away from the bowl before finishing the meal then amounts offered should be decreased, if the food is being wolfed down and the dish knocked around the room the amount should be increased. Watch the pups weight and body condition and use this to judge if your calorie amount is in the correct area. If you are concerned about feeding your pup please contact us for advice. Remember that less food will be required once the body has stopped growing.

Exercise after feeding. As with us, rigourous excerise immetdiately after a meal is not good. In some larger chested breeds it can even result in stomach twisting, which is a life threatening emergency. We would suggest that dogs are not exercised for one to two hours after eating.

If you call a vet out of hours, please bear in mind that they may have just worked a full day shift AND will probably be doing another full shift the following day.

Please be aware that out of hours visits and consultations have a surcharge.

Please dont call a vet out for routine or minor matters.

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